How to Buy and Sell Gold Digitally using GooglePay

Gold is a valuable metal that every indian loves to invest in it. Some people buys it for jewellery and many buys it for an investment. Because it can be converted into cash anytime when needed. It helps in emergency situations like hospital bills, buying property, education fees, etc. So many people look for investing […]

Cut Electricity Cost by 3 times with BLDC Fans – From ₹2850

Power Shutdown for a Day will be painful when your Inverter runs out of charge. Now you can save electricity bills as well as more runtime on Inverter with Energy Efficient Atomberg BLDC Fans with Remote. Additionally, you can control the Fan with SMART REMOTE with features like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer mode. These […]

Must have COVID19 Essentials

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Due to this many countries imposed lockdown to stop the spread and all our routine life get affected. The COVID19 spread will be stopped by following proper safety procedures by each and everyone around the world for a few months. Only together […]

Best Inverter LED with 4 Hours Backup starts from Rs.210/-

Inverter LED is the best solution for frequent power cut areas (especially during night times). These Inverter LED Bulbs are cost-effective compared to installing a basic Inverter/Solar Setup that will cost you approximately 6000 to 15000. It not only has the setup cost but includes power conversion loss (AC/DC-DC/AC), etc. Inverter LED works on Lithium […]