Batteries in Series and Parallel for Battery Packs (1S, 3S, 4S, 3S2P)

Series and Parallel configurations are popular in the lithium battery packs.

What is Ah and Wh in Batteries (Amp-Hour, Watt-Hour, C-Ratings)?

Whenever you are using batteries, you might have seen it mentioned as mAh, Ah, or

Best Budget Smartphones in India

Smartphones are perfect companion for our everyday life. For different user requirements we have specific

Inductive Proximity Counter with resume Count – Power Loss Detection using Arduino

Inductive proximity counters are used in counting applications like product counting, bottle counting and many

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Choosing best solar configuration for maximum efficiency?

Solar Energy is the most popular and clean renewable energy that anybody can harvest. In

Installing NodeRED on Windows

What is NodeRED and How to install it on windows operating system? NodeRED is an

How to setup 4G Router with SIM Slot in Weaker Network Areas

A Weak 4G Internet can be improved using a 4G Router. It can also be

How to Buy and Sell Gold Digitally using GooglePay

Gold is a valuable metal that every indian loves to invest in it. Some people

Cut Electricity Cost by 3 times with BLDC Fans – From ₹2850

In a BLDC Fans, stator is temporary and rotor is a permanent magnet. There is

Must have COVID19 Essentials

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Due to

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